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Gaia was a mom of two amazing children and the Director of a pharmaceutical companies Association. She loved her job a lot, she studied a lot and struggled to get it … She was a very ambitious and determined woman but one day everything changed …


When my first son, Matteo, born – after 3 and a half years of attempts – my priorities changed completely. I become a mother and I wanted to be with Matteo as much as possible, but my job at that moment did not allow me to do it as much as I wanted! Story of many mothers I guess…
Three Years passed on, second pregnancy, second child Livia, my world is pleasantly upset onceagain.


This time my President – 4 months after Livia’s birth and one month before being back to my job, told me “you know Gaia, you have an handicap …. when they will be 8 years old you will get back in the game …. and fully operative at work” Ahhh I didn’t realize he was talking about my children!
And so he decided due to my “potential low productivity”, to replace me with one of my collaborators… So I said good bey to my Director role… Irony of a traditional job.


Then I decided that my two “handicaps” of 6 and 2 years were in the need of their mom, so after that phone call I decided to have the whole year of motherhood.
In the meantime, a friend of my husband offered me an online business – I was sceptical at first also because I had never been on social media and I didn’t really care to show off or “show my business” … I thought that I didn’t have time …for that.


Then I thought… what do I miss the most? Time! The time to spend with my children, with my family, I wanted to be free to choose to go to my son school recital without constantly looking at the clock because I had to go back to the office, or to be able to stay with my little girl if she was sick without the need to leave her with the nanny and look at her saying “please mom stay with me, don’t go” … or travel with my family without asking for holidays…


So, I said YES let’s try! Was I fearless? … Not at all, but the desire to realize my dreams was greater than my fear. I was willing to have everything I said but, as an ambitious woman I still wanted to be a committed and fulfilled woman at job and thanks to this business I understood that IT WAS POSSIBLE and children are not an handicap but are the greatest added value for me, the energy that always keeps me going ahead!


I am Gaia, 5 years ago I changed radically my life, now I am a mother and a full time digital entrepreneur!
If you are wondering if you can be an happy mother and professionally fulfilled woman at the same time … write to me because I can tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE!

Live your dream, don’t be afraid to change




If I tell you that everything started from business and from the desire to have more time for me and my children, I would tell you a lie …
Everything I told you and you have read here, started from a first personal need to find the woman I was before my pregnancies. Hence a strong need for personal well-being.
When I was offered to do Network Marketing I was just back from my second pregnancy and a breastfeeding that lasted 26 months. A wonderful experience but that had left me many physical troubles. Tiredness, excess of weight (19 kilos) and for this reason I did not like me physically anymore. I was always nervous and dissatisfied … but I didn’t know what to do. I always loved playing sports because it makes me feel alive, but I had also put that aside because I was too tired and I told myself that I would not have time to do it, due to my husband, my children, the house and also my job… and the worst thing was that I justified myself by saying that it was normal for me feeling and acting like this …


Today I can tell you that it is not normal feeling like I did and that if you decide that you don’t want to feel uncomfortable anymore with yourself, if you want to be different, if you decide to say “that’s enough” to what you don’t like anymore, if you want to feel really good with yourself, finally satisfied not only physically but also within yourself, the solution is there!


I changed my eating habits and much more than that, step by step. I have embarked on a more correct diet; I begin to do sports again and I have naturally integrated my diet.


Today I am 47 and I can say that I feel better than when I was 25! I have become the best version of myself and I am thankful that I said “enough is enough!” because it was in that exact moment that I triggered the change not only physical but also mental and financial, becoming from a satisfied client to a networker in love with her lifestyle.
And I am so in love with my lifestyle that I wanted to share it and inspire other women to become the best version of themselves.
A Decision You Make Today can change your tomorrow. So decide! I will help you to take the right actions.
I am looking forward to talk to you!

What they say about me

Thanks to Gaia and to the program I am reborn! I feel better about myself, I look in the mirror and I like myself again! Eat healthy, do physical activity after years of standing still, rediscover beautiful at 40! Priceless!

Ivonne Dell’Occhio


From the first moment I saw her I understood the enormous empathy of this young woman and the disruptive energy she emanated and with that delicacy and radiance not easy to find!
I didn’t know her, but she inspired me with great confidence! Then a few months passed, the lockdown…, the holidays arrived and the bikini told me that I had to do something for my body… !!! So, I thought about Gaia and I called her and started the journey. Only 1 month has passed and I already feel different about energy and serenity and inner strength! Physically my body is transforming, more toned, more agile! My more beautiful, brighter skin! But the most indicative news is that I am 61 years old and I never thought there were such extraordinary supplements !!! There is no age to make the decision to improve yourself !!! I am a sincere testimony!
Donatella Bellini

Donatella Bellini


What can I say, I have not been sceptical even for a moment since I met Gaia and the fantastic products that she recommended to me after hearing my skin problems, not only my face skin but my skin in general has reborn since I started using the Vinali which are truly fantastic as well as the Reiuveniix supplement which is nothing short of exceptional, since I have been using it I no longer have the tiredness and weakness I had before; I am happy to use these products and I won’t leave them anymore. The Elite that I have only been using for a few weeks is now fundamental for me but it must be tried otherwise you cannot understand the benefits it gives to your body. Spectaculareeeeeeeee

Maria Rosaria Pirrello


As a sportswoman and natural follower of physical and mental well-being, I tried many supplement and cosmetic products that were REALLY free from toxic substances … and then I met GAIA and with her, the ARIIX products and finally I found the seriousness, professionalism and effective contents but clean that I was looking for so much .. and Gaia? Simply the PERFECT person who takes you by the hand, with competence and undisputed professionalism, and takes you into the fantastic ARIIX world that changes your life strictly FOR THE BETTER !!

Valentina Ambrosio


Following my instinct, I met Gaia and with a pleasant surprise I found a very sincere person. In her work she is professional, always available and very prepared in every subject. She knows how to listen to the needs of others and is ready to advise with great knowledge. Personally, I respect her a lot and she is very smart in life.

Gabriella Verrini


Experience and problem solving

From my own experience and my customers’ ones, I can help you achieve the goals you desire. You will become as you have never thought to be.

Competence and passion

In everything I do I put passion, because I think that only in this way we can achieve also what people said is impossible. I will therefore put my knowledge and skills at your service. We will achieve your goals together! Let’s start!

Assistance and support

Having experienced “the change” on myself makes me able to assist and support you in all the moments that you will face in your path, since I was the first to experience them. You will never be alone, and I will direct you towards the realization of your goals by helping you to believe in yourself and in what you will become!

Speed in results

I cannot guarantee the results because it depends on the commitment that you will put into it but if you follow what I will teach you, and if you follow the strategy and the path that I have followed and I’m still following now, I can tell you that: It will work! It will work for you! And you will never be alone!


Years of experience


Satisfied customers


Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions about my business and the program I offer, I will be able to advise you in the best possible way. I wait for you!

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